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Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana January 2019 – All about PMAY Housing for all 2022 Scheme ✓ Application Form ✓ Loan Procedure ✓ Interest Rate ✓ EMI Calculation ✓ Eligibility ✓ Flat Price ✓ Annual Income Required for EWS/LIG ✓ Number of Flats under PMAY ✓ Loan Procedure ✓ Subsidy Scheme ✓ Important Dates ✓Flat Location ✓ Beneficiaries Details ✓ Features ✓ Application Procedure & more.

Under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY), the Constitutional rate of GST will be applicable on the construction of the house under the declared credit link subsidy scheme for EWS, LIG, MIG One and MIG One.

The GST exemption limit has been increased from 1 year to 3 years on viability gap funding received by the airport being built under the Regional Connectivity Scheme.

Scheme Launced by Central Government
Scheme Name Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana or Housing for all 2022 Scheme
Scheme Implemented by 2015 – 2022 (July 17, 2015 – APRIL 31, 2022)
Duration of the Scheme 7 Years
Eligible EWS/LIG (Economically Weaker Section/ Lower Income Group)
Annual Income for EWS ₹3,00,000.00
Annual Income for LIG ₹300000 to up to ₹6,00,000.00
Credit-Linked Subsidy for EWS/LIG YES
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GST and its implication on Affordable Housing segment: Customers are charged 12% as GST on the cost of under-construction flat. Accordingly, the cost of an Affordable Housing Flat of say Rs. 20 lacs will increase to Rs. 22.4 lacs, increasing the additional burden on home buyer.

Also, as GST cannot be considered as part of the value of property while availing the loan, the entire GST amount is required to be paid by the customer himself, thus increasing his own contribution to Rs. 4.4. lacs on a total cost of Rs. 22.4 lacs (this works out to 20% of the flat cost. In addition to this, customer also needs to pay processing fee, stamp duty insurance etc. taking the own contribution to about 30%).

Under the PMAY scheme, the application of the beneficiaries of the fourth category will be accepted and 50 thousand rupees will be transferred to the lump-sum account for the construction of the building. While the system was yet to take up the building after the application was accepted. The first installment foundation went after the foundation. This move of the government will benefit lakhs of people.

Under the new rules the beneficiaries will be given a second installment of Rs 1.50 lakh before the linter (roof). On completion of the construction work, 50 thousand rupees will be given as the last installment. Chief Secretary Manoj Kumar Singh has issued the order in this regard. In this way, a total of 2.50 lakh rupees will be given to help the beneficiary to build a house.

By March 31, 2018, 56.90 lakh beneficiaries have been sanctioned for the construction of 51 lakh houses. 51.39 lakh beneficiaries have got the first installment. 31.03 lakh beneficiaries have constructed the roof of their houses and the construction of 16.05 lakh beneficiaries is nearing completion. The highest number of beneficiaries of rural households in Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal is the highest. The people of these states have built their own houses within the stipulated time frame.

Subsidies Explained Earlier Scheme (2015) – CLSS for EWS/LIG Revised Scheme (2017) – CLSS for MIG
Loan Amount Up to Rs. 6 Lakh Up to Rs. 9 Lakh Up to Rs. 12 Lakh
Eligibility Criteria EWS (Annual income of Up to Rs. 3 Lakh) and LIG (Income of up to Rs. 6 Lakh per annum). Women to be the co-owner along with the beneficiary. MIG 1 – Up to Rs. 12 Lakh per annum MIG 2 – Up to Rs. 18 Lakh per annum
Subsidy Calculation for a loan tenure of up to 15 years 6.5% 4% 3%
Subsidy Amount Rs. 2.2 Lakh for a loan of 6 lakh Rs. 2.35 Lakh for a loan of Rs 9 Lakh Rs. 2.3 Lakh for a loan of Rs. 12 Lakh
Interest Rates and Subsidy
Interest Rate 10.5% 8.5%
Loan Amount Rs. 12 Lakh Rs. 9 Lakh or More Rs. 12 Lakh or More
Amount Eligible for Subsidy Rs. 6 Lakh Rs. 9 Lakh Rs. 12 Lakh
Subsidy Rate 6.5% 4% 3%
Subsidy Amount 2.2 Lakh 2.35 Lakh 2.3 Lakh

Beneficiaries of Economically Weaker section (EWS) and Low Income Group (LIG) seeking housing loans from Banks, Housing Finance Companies and other such institutions would be eligible for an interest subsidy at the rate of 6.5 % for a tenure of 15 years or during tenure of loan whichever is lower. The Net Present Value (NPV) of the interest subsidy will be calculated at a discount rate of 9 %.

A beneficiary family will comprise husband, wife and unmarried children. The beneficiary family should not own a pucca house (an all weather dwelling unit) either in his/her name or in the name of any member of his/her family in any part of India.


Step1. Firstly logged into the official website i.e.

Step2. Find and Open ‘Schemes/Missions‘ section visible on web page.

Step3. Click on to the ‘Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana‘ link given under this section.

Step4. Now download the ‘Application form for Housing for All 2022‘ link visible on web page.

Step5. Now fill all mandatory details asking in application form and submit form to the concern department.

The EMI to be paid on the loans taken for this scheme will be reduced to significant amount under this scheme. The housing loan currently are available at a interested rate of 10.50%. As per the calculation, the EMI on such loan of ₹6 lakh for 15 year time would comes out to be ₹6,632.39. As per the PM Awas Scheme, due to 6.50 subsidy the new EMI will be ₹4050. So there is a benefit of ₹2000 in the EMI itself.

Component 1 – Central Grant of ₹1 Lakh(Average) would be provided to the beneficiary.

Component 2 – Subsidy of 6.50 % will be provided to EWS & LIG via credit linked subsidy scheme.

Component 3 – Central Assistance of ₹1.50 lakh will be provided to each beneficiary for promoting housing stock for urban poor, provided 35 percent of dwelling units of the projects proposed are earmarked for EWS category.

Component 4 – Central Assistance of ₹1.50 lakhs will be provided to eligible urban poor, who can build new house or undertake improvements of existing houses.


EWS households are defined as households having an annual income up to ₹3,00,000. States/UTs shall have the flexibility to redefine the annual income criteria as per local conditions in consultation with the Centre.

LIG households are defined as households having an annual income between ₹3,00,001 up to ₹6,00,000. States/UTs shall have the flexibility to redefine the annual income criteria as per local conditions in consultation with the Centre.

A compact area of at least 300 population or about 60-70 households of poorly built congested tenements, in unhygienic environment usually with inadequate infrastructure and lacking in proper sanitary and drinking water facilities.

The credit linked subsidy will be available only for loan amounts upto ₹6 lakhs and additional loans beyond ₹6 lakhs, if any, will be at nonsubsidized rate. Interest subsidy will be credited upfront to the loan account of beneficiaries through lending institutions resulting in reduced effective housing loan and Equated Monthly Instalment (EMI).

The subsidy would be disbursed to the beneficiaries account upfront by deducting it from the principal loan amount. As a result, the borrower will pay EMI on the remainder of the principal loan amount.

An affordable housing project can be a mix of houses for different categories (EWS, LIG, and HIG etc) but it will be eligible for central assistance, if at least 35% of the houses in the project are for EWS category and a single project has at least 250 houses. CSMC, however, can reduce the requirement of minimum number of houses in one project on the request of State Government.

The PM Awas Yojana would start in the year 2015 and would be spread for implementation till the year 2022 and would be carried out in three sustainable phases:

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Phase 1: The Phase 1 of PM Awas Yojana would span from April 2015 to APRIL 2017 and a total of 100 cities would see the developmental work started and completed during this phase.

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Phase 2: The Phase 2 of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana would span from April 2017 to APRIL 2019 and during this phase, a total of 200 more cities would be covered and developed.

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Phase 3: The Phase 3 of PMAY would span from April 2019 to APRIL 2022 and during this phase the left over cities would be covered and developed.

The Beneficiaries of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana would target specific groups from the society, which are:

  1. Women, irrespective of caste and religion
  2. Economically Weaker Section of Society (EWS)
  3. Scheduled Tribes (ST)
  4. Scheduled Casts (SC)

The Government of India would be granting a subsidy to people from these categories so that they buy a home for themselves and their families. The subsidy amount may range from ₹1 lakh to ₹2.30 lakh.


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  1. I am a State Government servant in High Court of Aurangabad as a Assistant in LIG group. May I apply for housing loan in PMAY. If yes, furnish me details.

  2. I am a State Government servant in High Court of Aurangabad as a Assistant in LIG group. May I apply for housing loan in PMAY. If yes, furnish me details.

  3. hi good morning sir iam narayan singh gound m.p se damoh me perdhan mantri awas yojna home lone lena chahta hu so pilz sir meri madat kre my contect no.9754708586


  4. I am dinesh from odisha .. in rural aria . I want to a pradhan mantri home loan in 2 lack . My yearly income 72000. How can I apply


  5. I purchased flat from private builder in last year.i taken loan from SBI of Rs.8,47,000.00 So i would like to know that may i eligible for subsidy of PRADANMANTRI AVAS YOJANA
    Please help me

    Harish K.Solanki

    • Hello Sir, Have you got any answers? I have same situation. I have purchased new flat and took home loan from SBI 2 years back and want to apply for this PMAY scheme.

  6. Dear Sir,

    Im trying to download the application form but unable to download. Please help me . Need to apply for this Prandhan Mantri Awas Yojana. Request to sent the details on [email protected]

    Thank You
    Archana Kolte

  7. I am government school teacher
    Can I apply for home loan under pmay scheme
    Presently my annual income is under 600000
    Plz guide or contact
    At 7015534886

  8. Our survey id has been genrated but what process will be done so we have applying home loan from sbi bank bcs some branches are not aware from this scehme so we have not get benifit from this scehme .pls suggest
    Vikas Vanve

  9. Hi,

    I have housing loan which i took in 2012.

    Do i elgible for PMAY?

    If so how to claim it the benefit.

    Please guide.

    Thanks in advance.

  10. Respected sir,
    Iam working as special educator in special school kerala, kochi. I have no house and staying for rent. I have one daughter and husband is not look after us. My old mother is with me, she is getting pension. I wish to get house as per PMAY scheme.
    Jai hind

    Thanking you,
    Phone number is 9496448122

  11. Respected sir,
    Iam working as special educator in special school kerala, kochi. I have no house and staying for rent. I have one daughter and husband is not look after us. My old mother is with me, she is getting pension. I wish to get house as per PMAY scheme.
    Jai hind

    Thanking you,
    Phone number is 9496448122

  12. I'm eligible for pmay lig but no banker is encouraging r giving any idea regarding this scheme.whereas central govt. Treating it as prestigious projects n givingwide range publicity. Help in this regard

  13. I have a SBI Savings A/c. and I am a Salaried Computer Accountant in a Pvt. Ltd. Co. also doing some part-time accounts job. Now I have to live in a rented flat with my wife and daughter. I wish to purchase a 1 BHK flat AT KOLKATA around 10 lakhs. Can I get a loan under PMAY from SBI. What will be the procedure. Plase help

  14. I recently booked a flat in the name of my wife and my self, we are having another flat in the name of me and my wife. My wife is house wife and my annual salary is less than 15lakhs. Can I or my wife apply for PMAY ? We had taken the latest home loan from SBI.

  15. Hi sir good evening, i am from Kurnool City, Andhra Pradesh, India, i took house construction loan an amount of Rs.16 Lakhs from Andhra Bank in Kurnool on March-2016. I want to know that may I eligible for the PMAY scheme. Please send information if i am eligible for the above scheme. I asked in bank but they told that, nothing info is not came about the scheme. Thank you sir.

  16. Dear sir,
    I fall under income group 6-12 lak and the flat i have books is of 978 Sq ft. Am i still eleigible for this scheme as the area is bigger than 90sqm.kindly guide. Thank you in anticipation.

  17. Dear Sir,
    I fall under income group 6-12 lak and I have booked house of 978Sqft.Am i still eligible for the scheme as I am violating the area norm of 90sqm. Kindly guide. Thank you in anticipation.

  18. I am devinder kumar. I am working in Chandigarh. i don't have house. i am leaving in Kharar Mohali with my faimly. I want to get house as per PMAY Scheme.


    Devinder Kumar

  19. Hi Sir, i have applied HL in feb 2017 and recently i enquired PMAY to one of the officer in SBI. They told me that you're not eligible as your carpet area and income (<12 L) doesn't match.As per my offer letter gross salary is 12.56 L and carpet area is 993 .As per understanding i shhiuld be eligible for 12 to 18 L category .My last Form 16 also telling that my gross is more than 12 L.As they have calculated my salary based on 3 months payslip which i submitted during HL application and they told its 11.56 L per annum .I have query that is it gross income or take home for PMAY slary tabs. If its gross income how i can contact them and get it included in PMAY scheme.

  20. Res Sir,
    I am the state gov Emp at Gov of Maharashtra also my wife is state GOM Emp. We are taking Housing loan in SBI Reality Scheme from SBI. i.e 9 lack for Land and 18 lack for Construction. Our consolidated income is Rs. 6 lack per year , do we are eligible for PMAY ?

  21. I have been sanctioned housing of Rs.60lacs during April 17 for purchase of flat. My family income is less than Rs.18lacs. How should I know that the loan was sanctioned under pmay. Whether I should submit any declaration/affidavit. Pl advise.

  22. Hello Sir,

    I have taken home loan in Nov 2016 at that time "Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana" has not come. So I was not applied for the same but after few days I got a call from bank and they told me that I am eligble for the same and they take my Adhar card from that time to till date I have submit my document 3 times to bank but my subsidy is not come it almost one year and bank has no answer for my question.

    Can any help me.


  23. I am leaving in raigad maharashtra but here all SBI branch saying Pmay scheme not applicable other bank allow this scheme but SBI not allowing this scheme why please answer Vinod shinde Mahad raigad 402301


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